Monette Toverada

I am coach and a trainer with specific interest directed toward helping individuals and small businesses grow. I am very passionate about making a difference. In a patriarchal and biased society, I understand that taking meaningful strides towards fulfillment is a tough course for women. Nevertheless, we believe in feminine unity; therefore, BWCWorld has started to promote strength amongst women, via networking and business collaboration, to foster professional and personal growth.

We understand that women experience a lot of pressure in our current and specifically within their careers. BWC provides an avenue for women to be self-expressed, establishing connection among like-minds, and by strengthening their focus on their respective goals.

Chapter Leaders

Maggie Castillo

“I became a member of BWC because I believe in helping others grow their business and specially helping to support women in reaching their goals.”

Kai Deering
Silicon Valley

“I have been an entrepreneur for over two decades and love networking with other like-minded women who are committed to supporting other women and excellence in their field. As a member of BWC, I have the pleasure of encountering both! You should come visit a chapter and see for yourself the inspired community of collaborative women that need to meet you and vice versa, you will be glad you did.”

Catharine Hay
Greater Tri-Valley

“I love BWC for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. There is an environment of support without any competitiveness. They are not category specific because they believe each individual brings something to the table. Going to a chapter meeting is like spending time with good friends. who laugh with you and not at you. I always look forward to going to the chapter meetings because I know I will see people there that I am happy to see again, as well as meeting new, interesting women who are a value-add to the community.”